VIEW FROM THE TOP, part III: A big holiday interview with executives from renowned Serbian market communication agencies

29December 2017

Advertiser Serbia

Fusion Communications’ Managing Director Nevena Kurtović gave an interview to Advertiser Serbia.

Another calendar year’s end once again prompted us to reach out to the leading people from Serbian advertising, media, and PR agencies and ask them about accomplishments in the past year, plans for 2018, and the factor of environment, in which these plans are to be executed… The interview series will be published in parts over the coming days… By Nenad Danilović.

We asked the managers the following questions:

What was 2017 like for your agency? What were your agency’s major projects and activities in the passing year?

How would you rate 2017 for the market communications industry?

What are your expectations for 2018 in terms of business conditions in the market communications industry?

What are your wishes for your clients and all future advertisers in 2018?


Nevena Kurtović, Managing Director at Fusion Communications

The agency’s key projects and activities in 2017: The year behind us has been very challenging—the market expectations are ever increasing, the change dynamics in communications are getting faster every year, and our task is not only to keep up with everything but also to try and always be one step ahead, anticipating change and relating to it. For us, this past year was all about regional projects and expansion, as well as continued successful partnerships both with longstanding clients and with new ones that inspired some interesting ideas the agency’s direction in the upcoming year.

Business in 2017: A year is as successful as we want it to be. As I’ve already mentioned, communications and the overall marketing industry are constantly going through changes. Our market still often finds itself in a midway stage of sorts between old school and digital transformation. Time and again I hear that ours is a problem market. It’s up to us to change it; recognize its weak spots, its faults, its advantages… and gradually change what we don’t like, while building up what’s good about it. Faced with the challenges that the market brings forth, we are motivated to learn and advance and participate in changing it.

Business expectations in 2018: I expect we’ll continue to keep pace with changes, create new, interesting projects, and work together with other market players.

Holiday greetings and wishes to clients and future advertisers: I wish them to be brave in their communications and work with us in pushing the envelope.